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Ken Zalga – Harley riding

 Marine Vietnam Vet – MPHS 65

Proud owner of two Kitty Cats

Yeah.... When we first got them, we were told they were females so we  named them Venus and Serena - Vet told us we need to change their names...

We came up with Jake and Elwood (Woody) for the boys in Black... Jake and Elwood were the only kittens in the litter and they are brothers.. Both solid black with a touch of white on their chests...

Marie Stazzone MPHS 66

Oh, I like those names! Jake and Elwood! If they're anything like the real J&E, you won't be able to keep them locked up for long....how are they going to accomplish their mission from God?
Taffy Cannon MPHS 66

Oooh, I like it. A chest piece.

Or in the case of Jake and Elwood, a brace of chest pieces.


Will Hepburn MPHS 66

My kid would call a tattoo there a "chest piece".

Taffy Cannon

Maybe you need a manlier term than locket for Jake and Elwood, however.

Craig Hullinger MPHS 66

I concur with Taffy. What is a Macho Harley Riding Marine Vietnam Vet Knunkle Dragger from dasoutsideaChicaga doing with kittycats anyway? (Editors Note – same description for Zalga works for Hullinger) Why don't you have pit bulls named Killer and Savage?

Ken Zalga

The answer is simple.... Cats are easier.. They're amusing and they make excellent pets...

Pit Bulls....... I don't think so...


Craig Hullinger 

I, of course, am too macho to have kitties. However, we had two Cats named Sasha and Bootsie - my wife's cats, I hasten to add. When I took Bootsie to the Vet I told them his name was Boots - did not want to embarrass the cat or I.

My son had a cat named Willie. The cat came to visit and was lost, so son and I roamed the neighborhood loudly calling, "Willie, Willie, Willie". Son advised that I had to call Willie in a high pitched voice. Quite embarrassing. At least no one called the cops.

PS - Please don't tell anyone about the cats.


Don Martensen MPHS 66

This conversation thread about cats made me smile.

Who knew? In the past, when we were heatedly at each others throats, Craig didn't need to preach civility or threaten push-ups after all. All he needed to say was "Let's talk about our cats."


Ron Veenstra

Just a communistic plot against a dog lovers...

Craig Hullinger

Speaking of old warhorse jarheads from dasoutsideaChicaga, Ken, how about taking photos of Killer and Savage (aka Venus, Serena, Jake and Elwood).

An action photo of Killer and Savage and you on the Harley would be a great attention getting photo. A video with sound doing a high speed wheelie with Cat Action Shots would be the best.

The cats with helmets and gogles would be cool. 

Semper Fi


Taffy Cannon

Craig, I think that YOU should photoshop this. It's not too late for the Christmas card....



The XMAS card is an excellent idea. And you can see my photo shopping skills below.

A short internet search found actual footage of 

Ken Zalga and/or a close relative and his Cat on the Harley.

And another

Don't try this at home.

No Kitty Cats were injured or harmed in these videos. Neither was Ken.


Anonymous said...

Is that video really of Ken?

Morgan Park High said...

Yes, the video is of Ken. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I will trade you for 4 White Sox Tickets against the Cleveland Indians